The Royal Jelly benefits for your skin

The Royal Jelly : the secret of youth

Also named « milk of bees », the royal jelly is a concentrate of vital elements. It is a true exceptional nutrient which enables the queen bee to live 40 times longer than nurse bees. The royal jelly benefits on the organism enable to reduce feeling of tiredness and get back tonus and vitality.

It has also many virtus for beauty. The royal jelly is in many of our natural care products for a sublimated skin.

What is the royal jelly?

Similar to milk, the royal jelly is secreted by nurse bees which produce it to feed the queen bee. This natural mixture of vitamins is characterized by its rich and unique composition :

  • The royal jelly combines a lot of vitamins and it is especially known to be the richest nutrient in vitamins B5. It is also a concentrate in vitamins of B group (B3…) and vitamins A, C, D and E : essential components for the smooth operation of the organism.
  • The milk of bees contains minerals like copper, phosphorus and iron. These components enable the development of the organism. They are also known to contribute to the production of collagen, a protein with a protective and regenerating action on the skin.
  • Finally, it contains a high concentration in amino acids as well as fatty acids. The amino acids are known for their action on the collagen production, and the fatty acids have benefits on the skin balance and hydration.

Less known than its use in supplement food, the royal jelly is now one of the favourite active ingredients  sought after in organic care !

The  royal jelly benefits for the skin

Real caress of hydration, the royal jelly benefits for the skin are numerous. It gently envelops the skin and contributes to reduce sign of aging. Indeed, it acts outside factors (free radicals, pollution…) thanks to its antioxidant benefits.

The secret of youth is also a intense hydration source for the skin. The royal jelly delicately softens the epidermis. It is an ideal benefit to firm and refine the face.

Rich in vitamins B, it is known to stimulate the collagen production.  The collagen helps to the skin regeneration within the cell renewal.  Thanks to the royal jelly, the natural care has a corrective action on the epidermis. 



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