The propolis benefits on skin

The propolis : a natural shield

Collected by bees on some conifer plants and tree buds, the propolis is a real treasure from the hive. Carry firstly by nurse bees, then , it is transformed by mason bee and used by its protective features . It gets its name from its action : in grec, pro for beforeand polis for city state. In brief, the propolis protects the hive from external dangers and reinforces the hive structure.

It is also used by bees to coat the body of foreign insects which go into the hive. Thanks to this process, the bees prevent the decomposition of thee foreign body and preserve the hive. Humans have also rapidly discovered propolis virtues. The propolis was used in the ancient Egypt in order to embalm the body of dead.


What is the propolis ?

We attribute antiseptic virtues to the propolis, which explains its essential protective role of the hive against bugs and others fungal infections. It is also known to help the healing and for its anti-inflammatory action. This natural active ingredient is essential to the hive survival and is characterized by its unique composition :

  • The propolis contains flavonoids. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants which contribute to neutralize free radicals from body.

  • It is also rich in essential fatty acids and essential amino acids which are indispensable elements for  the body’s good health.

Very known for its benefits on the body, the propolis has a lot of virtues for the skin. More and more used in organic cosmetic care, it envelops the skin with a soothing caress to the delight of sensitive skins.


Propolis : benefits for the skin

Often used in cosmetics, it has regenerating, antibacterial and healing properties. Thanks to its actions, it contributes to soothe sensitive skins and has precious virtues against skin problems as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

The propolis is also known for its purifying action on the skin. Thus, it is the ideal ally for natural make-up removal !


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