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Abellie takes root in apiaries, in the heart of nature, where, day after day,  bees are busy. Passionate by treasures from the hive and brought up in the beekeeping ‘s environment, Nathalie Mary has created Abellie in 2010 : a brand of organic and natural skin care products. Anagram of  the word « Bee », Nathalie wants to highlight treasures made by these apidae  and their benefits thanks to Abellie !



Abellie’s natural skin care products are created in the Loire Valley, in Beau-Rivage (France), within  a water mill from the 17th century. Abellie draws ideas from this privileged environment and pays particular attention to formulate natural cosmetics suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Conscious about the value of the fauna and flora, Abellie formulates its organic care products in France and is committed in respect for the environment.

True concentrates of nature, Abellie’s natural and organic cosmetics will become every day your new beauty partners thanks to a range of skin care products suitable for all your needs. Day after day, our products certified Cosmébio  are your allies to take care of you.

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Since Antiquity, active ingredients from the hive, especially honey, are part of women’s beauty ritual. Today, thanks to Abellie, we want to highlight these natural and precious active ingredients, with proven efficiency.

Discover Abellie’s flaship active ingredients, real gifts from nature… :



Gathered by bees on flower’s buds, the honey is known since the earliest Antiquity for its benefits on the skin. Softening, moisturizing and toning, it is a real caress of benefits for the skin.


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Royal Jelly

Known to enable  the queen bee to live 40 times longer than nurse bees, the royal jelly has also many virtues for the skin. Naturally rich in trace elements and vitamins, it contributes to regenerate skin’s cells.


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Bee Pollen

Harvested by forager bees to feed the hive, the pollen is a real protein  concentrate. Thanks to its richness in vitamins, it is highly appreciated by the skin and the hair.


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Recognizable thanks to its balsamic scent, the propolis is harvested by bees on poplars’  buds. Appreciated for its benefits on the organism, it has also purifying and healing virtues.


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Made by honey bees thanks to their wax-abdominal glands, the beeswax is a real voluntary secretion. This wonderful excipient, initially found by pharmacists, is used as a base for many natural and organic skin care products.