Abellie's commitments


Since its creation, Abellie commits to take natural active ingredients to formulate its organic cosmetics. Abellie’s care products, a real combination between treasures from the hive and the nature, mix efficiency and natural, as well as glamour and ecology.


Find out about our 6 commitments :


WE RESPECT all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Because our customers deserve the best, we aim to offer  them cosmetics composed of high quality natural ingredients .

Certified organic by the  organic label Cosmebio , our care products include natural active ingredients from the hive (honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and beeswax) and the nature. Thanks to these  components with an intense softeness, Abellie’s organic cosmetics are suitable for the most sensitive skins.

Learn more about our active ingredients present in our organic cosmetics



WE CHOOSE French laboratories

Abellie’s organic and natural cosmetics, formulated in our French laboratories specialized in organic and environmentally-friendly cosmetology, are of high quality, thanks to a selection of the best active ingredients. We are also continuously seeking innovations  in cosmetic.

We have collaborated for many years with the European Centre for Research in Dermatology of  the School of Pharmacy in Nantes. This collaboration helped  us to make significant advances  in terms of organic and natural cosmetics.



WE PAMPER your skins

We are conscious about undesirable effects of some active ingredients and made the choice to remove these components of all our organic and natural cosmetics even before they become news topic.

Thus, all Abellie’s care products are formulated paraben-free and silicon- free for your well-being.  Moreover, the composition of our products and the INCI list are clearly written in our packaging.




WE PRESERVE the planet

With its unique localization in the heart of nature, Abellie makes a point of honour to protect the fauna and flora. In order to limit the environmental impact, the active ingredients of Abellie’s care products are biodegradable, the processing methods are respectful of the planet and our products requiring the least packaging.




WE INFORM our customers

Our cosmetics are certified by COSMEBIO, an organic label which provides many guarantees to our customers about the composition of their products. In addition to having an organic and healthy formula, the rate of natural active ingredients in our organic cosmetics are clearly stated on our packaging as well as in product descriptions. The INCI list of our products is also easily available.




WE RESPECT animals

The respect of the planet also means the respect of animals. We certified that none of our care products are not tested on animals.