Trésor de Pureté® cleansing milk - 2 flasks


The Trésor de Pureté® cleansing milk is a face cleanser for mixed skins. Formulated with organic acacia honey, organic aloe vera and organic witch hazel flower water, this milk is suitable for all skin types.

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2 flacons de 150ml
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The Trésor de Pureté® organic cleansing milk is formulated with organic acacia honey, selected for its moisturizing and repairing virtues, organic aloe vera known for revitalizing the epidermis, and organic witch hazel flower water with astringent properties. This organic cleansing milk with a light texture and a delicate orchid perfume, eliminates all the impurities of your skin.


  • Organic acacia honey: It has regenerating and revitalizing properties because all nutrients (B vitamin, mineral salts, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants) are easily absorbed by the skin. They are a real energy intake for skin cells.
  • Organic witch hazel flower water: It is recommended for sensitive skins prone to redness.
  • Organic aloe vera: Rich in vitamin and trace elements, the aloe vera has softening, protective and astringent properties. It helps to rebalance the skin’s PH, the peeling of cells, the hydration, and finally, deeply nourishes the skin. 
  • Organic sweet almond oil: It is perfectly suitable for the most sensitive skins. Rich in essential fatty acids, in A and E vitamins, the benefits of the sweet almond oil helps the organic cleansing milk to contribute to the skin’s softening and toning. Soothing, the oil is creamy and very soft. 
  • Organic jojoba oil: It has softening and soothing properties. 
  • Organic avocado oil: The avocado is a powerful antioxidant. Moisturizing and nourishing, the benefits of the oil helps the face cleanser for mixed skins to soften and to bring skin elasticity. The avocado oil also preserves the skin hydrolipidic film.
  • Vegetable glycerin: It preserves the skin’s hydration.


Instructions: Apply a small amount of the Trésor de Pureté® cleansing milk, morning and evening, on a dry cotton pad, and delicately massage on face and neck.

150ml flask

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