Nectar de Douceur® organic hand cream - 1 tube


The Nectar de Douceur® almond tree honey hand cream is an organic hand cream which contributes to nourish and repair dry and damaged hands.

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The Nectar de Douceur® organic hand cream has been made to soothe dry and damaged skins thanks to its formula with almond tree honey, organic shea butter, and organic lemon essential oil. Thanks to these active ingredients selected to their moisturizing virtues, the organic hand cream offers softness and suppleness to your skin.

The Nectar de Douceur® organic hand cream contains :

  • Almond tree honey : Rich in minerals, vitamins B, trace elements, mineral salts, amino acids and antioxidants. Thanks to its enveloping, nourishing, moisturizing and soothing almond tree honey virtues, this hand cream repairs dry and damaged hands.
  • Organic shea butter : The shea butter has many benefits : nourishing, replenishing, healing and soothing, it is also a skin regenerating.
  • Organic lemon essential oil : Antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulating and toning, this lemon essential oil has also healing virtues.
  • Organic lavender flower water : The organic lavender flower water has healing and regenerating properties which are essential for this organic hand cream. It has also  stimulating, toning, astringent and perfuming virtues.
  • Lavandin essential oil : Antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vegetable glycerin : It preserves skin hydration.


How to use the Nectar de Douceur® organic hand cream ?

Instructions : Apply generously the Nectar de Douceur® organic hand cream and delicately massage until complete penetration. Daily renew for a lasting efficiency.

100ml tube

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