Fraîcheur Citronnée® shower gel - 2 tubes

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The Fraîcheur Citronnée® shower gel is an organic acacia honey shower gel.

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2 tubes de 200ml
€15.90 €17.80
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The Fraîcheur Citronnée® shower gel enriched with organic acacia honey, cleanses and revitalizes the epidermis. Your skin regains softness and tonus thanks to organic calendula and meadowsweet flower waters.
Enjoy a delicious moment of freshness thanks to this organic shower gel with a fruity perfume of organic essential lemon oil.  
This natural shower gel revitalizes and tones all skin types. Thanks to its formula, it is also suitable for children.

The Fraîcheur Citronnée® shower gel contains :

  • Organic acacia honey : Regenerating and revitalizing properties because all the nutrients (B vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants) are easily absorbed by the skin. They are a real energy intake for skin cells.
  • Calendula : Having softening and soothing properties.
  • Organic meadowsweet flower water : Having toning and astringent properties.
  • Organic hypericum :  Having calming and softening properties.
  • Vegetable glycerin : Preserves the skin hydration.
  • Organic lavender and lemon essential oil : These essential oils bring flowery and lemon notes to this organic shower gel.


How to use the Fraîcheur Citronnée® organic shower gel ?

Instructions : Apply generously the Fraicheur Citronnée® shower gel on the entire body by circular movements. Then, rinse with water.
In case of eye contact, rinse abundantly with water.

200ml 2 tubes

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Usage tips

Appliquer généreusement le gel douche Fraîcheur Citronnée® sur l'ensemble du corps par mouvements circulaires. Rincer ensuite le gel douche bio à l'eau claire.  En cas de contact avec les yeux, rincer abondamment à l'eau.

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