Benefits of Bee Venom on skin

Bee Venom : An active ingredent with unexpected benefits!

Bees are known for the precious nectar that they made for yearsbut also thanks to their venom. Some people are scared of it, but others are curious about its virtues : no doubt, bee venom surprises! As for honey, bee venom has many benefits on skin’s face and body.

What does bee venom contain?

Similar to botulinum toxin known for its paralysing action on muscles, bee venom « staves off » the skin making it believe that it has been slightly stung. The Melittin is one of the main component of bee venom : it contributes to increase blood flow and encourages collagen  and elastin production. 

This  actif ingredient from the hive, which is unique, has aroused curiosity from scientists who were interested to discover mysteries about it.These studies has proved that bee venom has a smoothing action and 12 hours of efficiency on skin.


How extracting bee venom?

The respect of bees is a daily priority for Abellie. Thus, bee venom extraction is done with respect to them. Their life is not in danger because they keep their sting.

This collect is done thanks to the use of a slab of glass especially made for the extraction of bee venom. Placed at the entry of the hive and linked to small electric cords, the slab is strong and preserves the sting of bees. When bees are back to the hive, they are stimulate by light electrical discharges, whose the power is defined by many sensors on the slab. It enables bees to instinctively sting the slab of glass and thus, leave on their precious venom.

Once this process is over, bees go back to gather. The support is get back by beekeepers to use afterwards the venom in cosmetic production.

Bee venom and its virtues on skin

Bee venom and its anti-dark spots

Initially, skin cells regenerate by cycle, all 28days. However, over the years, our skin is changing and its cycles are spaced. Because of this reaction, the health of our skin suffers.

By favouring the collagen production, the  bee venom contributes to prevent cell aging. It contributes especially to accelerate the cell renewal, by limiting the effects of melanin’s pigments which contribute to skin lightening. 

You can also notice the appearance of dark spots on your hands. Indeed, they are often exposed to UV rays without being protected. By applying Abellie Eclat Royal hand cream enriched with bee venom, you will contribute to reduce these dark spots thanks to the virtues of this precious active ingredient.

Bee venom: an anti-aging active ingredient

Moreover, by stimulating the collagen and elastin production, thanks to the main toxin of bee venom : the Melittin, wrinkles on your face are reduced. To contribute to lift these signs of ageing, it is recommended to apply a cream enriched with bee venom during 3 months minimum. Eclat Royal program is composed of a day cream and a night cream, both enriched with bee venom : these creams are ideal to take care of your skin!

Abellie care products with bee venom:

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